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Omega Ramps

At Omega Ramps we make exceptionally strong, perfectly shaped concrete skate ramps at a reasonable price that significantly outlast and outperform wood ramps.

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Omega Ramps Advantages

Omega Ramps can be left uncovered outdoors for years or even decades with minimal maintenance. They cannot warp or rot like wood. The fiberglass reinforcement will never rust or spall (break) the concrete. We build ramps that last.
Have you ever skated or been around someone skating a wood ramp? While fun to ride, they are very loud. Compared to wood ramps, concrete ramps are significantly quieter, resulting in happier neighbors and more ramp time.
Wood ramps installed outdoors quickly become weathered and an eyesore to all but those who skate them. Often owners cover their wood ramps with ugly tarps. Omega Ramps do not need to be covered, won’t deteriorate in the weather, and look great with their sleek, low profile design. Landscape integrations, including in-ground options, can take the look of your ramp to the next level.
Omega Ramps are built using high strength concrete with fiberglass reinforcement, which has 2-3 times the tensile strength of traditional steel rebar. Omega Ramps are ready for whatever you throw at them.
While Omega Ramps may cost a little more than wood ramps initially, they are less expensive than wood ramps over the time you own them. The cost of building shelters, buying tarps, and replacing worn out framing makes buying an Omega Ramp the clear lower-cost, low-hassle decision.
How do our ramps ride? Amazing! The geometry of our ramps are computer designed and CNC routed (cut) for perfect ramp curves. You can also rely on concrete to give you a fast, predictable skate experience every time you skate it for years and years.


Omega Ramps specializes in making skateparks and miniramps (small halfpipes) using various precast concrete components including quarter pipes, spines, rollers, banks, boxes and rails.

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