About Omega Ramps

The inspiration for Omega Ramps began in 2017 when I built a decorative concrete dining table for my house.  When I completed the table, its smooth surface and clean lines made me want to grab my skate deck and skate it. Fortunately I never skateboarded on my dining table. I did, however, begin researching materials and creating 3D computer models of things I could make  using precast (pour in advance) concrete. My mind soon was set on building a modular, precast miniramp at an affordable price.

After many tests and failures I finally reached my goal of making a concrete miniramp. In late 2020 I formally started Omega Ramps and began offering my products to customers. We currently offer miniramps, quarterpipes, spines, rollers, grinding blocks, and other custom skate features to meet customer needs.

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